Children Stories



Education is the road and key to children’s success.

We have 20 children in school including other five with HIV who needs special treatment.

Yet they are so mean children in Uganda need that chance to have education but our funds can’t support more.

Through we are working hard to make sure that every child gets that chance in life.

  1. We train parents to extend education in families so that everyone gets to know how to read and write.
  2. We make sure that children don’t learning during a crisis, and we help to keep kids healthy so that they don’t fall behind or drop out of schools.
  • We print Charts for children to read even at home to extend and make their minds and get a chance to learn.
  1. We create groups in children to teach themselves and organizing views together in discussions, and reading skills.

Ronald was left home alone by their parents in Kyankwanzi District. We found him trying to save his life but he left studies.

Derrick is still young in primary four looking for a donor to help him to uplift with the successful education.

She was left after all her parents died of Aids. She was in primary seven how in secondary level 2.


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