1. Ronald

Ronald was left home alone by their parents in Kyankwanzi District. We found him trying to save his life but he left studies.

Ronald is now in Secondary school level one (1) but looking for a Donor who can save him to higher education.

  1. Brain Kitukula

He was told to leave home due to poor performance in school at the age of 13 years.

We struggled together with him, he is now building life at the welding site in Kawaala.

  1. Derrick

Derrick is still young in primary four looking for a donor to help him to uplift with the successful education.

  1. Sylvia

She was left after all her parents died of Aids. She was in primary seven how in secondary level 2.


Looking for a donor to support her life to the higher level of education.

Save a child and needy believes that one can support 1000 lives in the world.

African children to have positive lives and proper education.